Monday, December 31, 2007

Calling oneself an “animal rescuer” doesn’t make it so!

Unfortunately, not all individuals claiming to be “animal rescuers” are obtaining homeless, abused, and neglected animals in order to better the lives of these damaged creatures. Though it is impossible for most decent human beings to comprehend, there are individuals who fraudulently represent themselves as rescuers and animal advocates for the purposes of obtaining these suffering animals for their financial and abusive gain.

These deceitful and inhumane individuals are able to collect animals from shelters, humane organizations, and independent rescuers because they are masters of deceit and because animal caretakers cannot fathom anyone exploiting these already exploited and abused animals. While we cannot stop these fraudulent animal abusers from preying on the good-natured, the naive and the overburdened working in animal rescue, we can interrupt their ability of obtaining homeless animals by exposing them and alerting shelters and rescuers to the dangers of placing animals with these frauds.

"Animal Rescue Watchdog" has been started to help expose the deceitful and the frauds, to obstruct their ability to obtain society’s lowliest of animals for their inhumane purposes, and to educate shelters and humane organizations about the dangers of placing animals with these unsavory people.